Фестиваль ради округу Кілкенні підтримує схему грантів 2024 року

Kilkenny County Council has provided funding annually for festival organisers to aid with the development and promotion of events in Kilkenny.  This grant scheme aims to assist those events that can illustrate delivery of a significant positive impact on the tourism industry throughout the City and County.

The main purpose of the Festival Support Grants scheme is to support festivals and participative events which drive tourism in Kilkenny, underpinning the Council’s Tourism strategy and improve the visitor experience in Kilkenny for citizens and visitors alike.

The scheme supports the delivery of Kilkenny County Councils Tourism Strategy 2023-2028.


Щоб розглянути питання щодо фінансування, заявникам буде запропоновано надати деталі, які демонструють наступне:-

  1. Tourism Impact on Kilkenny
  2. Visitor numbers / participation and increase in Visitor dwell time
  3. Contribution towards the local economy with emphasis on the Night Time Economy
  4. Addition of variety and diversity to Kilkenny as a visitor destination

Applications for 2024 can be accessed тут  


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